Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Screen shot of http://hiddendepth.ie/services/responsive-web-design/.

Source page.

Full-sized screen capture.


  1. Thanks for spotting that one guys :)
    We just hadn't got round to our print stylesheet but seeing this post a few hours ago gave us the kick we needed.

    HiddenDepth.ie is now a print friendly website!!!

    P.S. Your comment system doesn't seem to want to work with Safari. You might have a look at that.

  2. Dave,

    That's quite a quick turnaround. Thanks for being a sport and jumping on the print styles. If only the other 170+ entries here (so far) were so willing to help users we'd all have a nicer web.

    The comment system is the default Blogger comment system. Sadly that means all I can do is ping Blogger and hope they do something. Eventually.